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Welcome to my terrace in Cadiz, where I have been based since the year 2000. I'm Dutch, I grew up in Holland where I dedicated 15 years to the vibrant and diverse world of theatre. Although it was an exciting and enjoyable life, I decided the time had come to fulfil another long-awaited dream - to live and work for at least one year in a foreign country. I chose Cádiz, Spain - knowing neither the city nor anyone living there. That quickly changed. Coming from a theatrical background, I was interested in the art of flamenco. Looking at the chairs the singers and musicians used gave me the idea of personalizing these chairs to the preferences of the individual artist. I worked on assignment, painting their favourite flamenco texts and images on folding chairs, which I call 'Poesillas'; a cross between 'poesía' (poetry) and 'sillas'(chairs). I then decided to broaden my horizons and studied furniture design at the School of Arts here in Cadiz. Nowadays I still paint 'Poesillas', not only for flamenco artists but for anyone who would like their own design. I also make, restore and decorate furniture. And there's more. Have a look around, hope you enjoy!

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